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The Villa Arson's Guest Student Program (PEI program) is designed for young exiles seeking asylum and refugees who wish to engage in an artistic practice, or to continue university studies that where interrupted in their home country.

This program was born from the necessity for refugees to integrate a place where they could find a student social life and participate in artistic work. It is run by the CAVA association at the Villa Arson National School of Art in Nice.

The program is based on a "three partner" system : a partnership with a student from the Villa Arson, and a tutorship with a teacher. The two partners also provide assistance with language problems, and a partnership with Nice University provides access to French as a Foreign Language classes.

The goal of the PEI-Villa Arson is to provide an opportunity for these students to reintegrate the university system, and to guide them towards obtaining a degree or undergoing professional training that corresponds to their personal project. The program also strives to create an opportunity for socializing and sharing, and for supporting the rights of exiles.

Villa Arson's Guest Student Program

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